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CDSL IPO Grey Market Premium (CDSL GMP)

CDSL IPO Grey Market Premium (CDSL GMP):

Subscription of  Central Depository Services Ltd (CDSL) IPO is expected to hit market from June 19, 2017 – June 21, 2017. CDSL IPO Grey Market Premium (CDSL GMP) has started showing some movement.

IPO Grey Market Premium in India (GMP) helps in deciding the premium of the IPO Shares on listing day. It also allows investors to sell the IPO Shares or IPO Application at certain premium before they list.

CDSL Ltd is expected to launch its IPO with the Price Band of Rs. 145 – Rs. 149 Per Equity Share. CDSL IPO Grey Market Premium (CDSL GMP) is between Rs 127 – Rs 129 at various locations.

While CDSL IPO Grey Market Premium started with around Rs 80 per equity share but it is showing upward movement. Now finally it has started moving..

If we look at the listing of Quess Corp IPO, Advanced Enzyme IPO, RBL Bank IPO, BSE Ltd IPO it all got listed around its Grey Market Premium (GMP) only.

So with CDSL IPO Grey Market Premium (CDSL GMP) investors can get more than 100% profit on their investment on listing. And CDSL IPO Grey Market Premium (CDSL GMP) can also play significant role in deciding to invest in CDSL Ltd IPO or not.

Kindly Note: Grey Market Price (GMP) changes daily according to supply and demand as like in share market.

Day Wise Grey Market Premium (GMP) Summary :

14.06.2017 GMP Rs 94 – Rs 96

07.06.2017 GMP Rs 115 – Rs 117

05.06.2017 GMP Rs 127 – Rs 129

03.06.2017 GMP Rs 123 – Rs 125

02.06.2017 GMP Rs. 119 – Rs 121

01.06.2017 GMP Rs. 115 – Rs 117

For More information about Central Depository Services Ltd (CDSL) IPO Pricing, size and other updates you can visit the below link:

Central Depository Services Ltd (CDSL) IPO Details

Market Update:

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GreenSignal Bio Pharma IPO bidding has been withdrawn from market due to lack of response.

While Laurus Labs IPO investors also will be happy with the gains they got on listing.

BSE IPO (Bombay Stock Exchange IPO) also lists with some good premium making its investors happy once again. Hope you all enjoyed it.

Now Next in pipeline is Avenue Supermarts Ltd IPO (DMart IPO) which is expected to hit market from March 08, 2017 – March 10, 2017. While Latest Grey Market Premium (GMP) of Avenue Supermarts Ltd IPO (DMart IPO) is between Rs 170 to Rs 172 per equity share.

Some SME IPO will also be active in market in coming week.

This year we can see some good IPO hitting market like NSE Ltd IPOHDFC Standard life insurance, SBI life insurance etc.

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